I am passionate about education. I feel strongly that we as photographers need to help each other creatively and in business so that the industry remains strong. My way of doing my part is to share locally and regionally through the Professional Photographers of America.
— Ryan

Some of the events that I have been privileged to be invited to speak to:

Professional Photographers of America
Professional Photographers of California
Professional Photographers of the Wine Country
Professional Photographers of the Sacramento Valley
Professional Photographers of the Santa Clara Valley
Gold Coast Professional Photographers Association
South Valley Professional Photographers Association
Inland Empire Professional Photographers Association
The Lightwriters Photography Club

If you are interested in the different programs I share please give me a call and we can talk about how best to get your program scheduled! Although I speak on a regular basis to professional photographers, I welcome all kinds of speaking engagements from Career Day at the High School to the Rotary Club and everything in between.

Ryan Bates; Cr.Photog, CPP
Craftsman of Photography, Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) and CPP Liaison.
CPP Liaisons assist candidates and existing CPPs as subject matter experts and sources of information.
Each liaison must maintain his or her certification and PPA Membership, and is entrusted with responsibilities to maintain the integrity of the program.