It all started when...

My dad was the Officer in Charge of the medical facility at Mare Island.  I went to High School here, played sports here and have created some lifelong friendships here. After graduating from Saint Patrick - Saint Vincent High School, I spent two years at Solano Community College - then to Art School at Brooks.  My folks moved to San Ramon while I was in college, so I was only able to come back occasionally, but really valued the time here with friends.  Fast forward..

Benicia is where I am from!  But, Benicia was out of our price range to purchase a home to raise our new family in 15 years ago.  So, Angie and I purchased our first home in Vacaville, started a thriving portraiture business on Main Street.  Successfully ran for 10 years in that location.  Now working from my home office in Vacaville and mobile office in Benicia!  I am doing more sessions regionally, teaching and traveling more and loving the changes!  We are expanding our presence in Benicia, not reducing in Vacaville.  We still live in Vacaville and if we could get out of the summer heat - we totally would, and plan to when the time is right!

The plan is to join the Benicia Chamber of Commerce, dropping in on my brother Alan, at Jute Crossfit, and networking with a community that I have always loved.  We are now booking appointments for your family portraits, high school seniors, corporate work and custom framing.

Ryan and Angie