Ryan will personally bring a variety of frame samples and mat styles to your home and go through it with you!  Choosing the best for your budget, room and style is the first step in getting your artwork on your walls.  

Ryan guarantees beating any other framers price!  Yes, even the Michaels ones that are 50% off!

Classic vs Trendy

Quality framing can last a lifetime. Therefore, we generally avoid trendy looking frame designs that could become dated in a short time. When you provide us with information about your room and your style, we can offer design concepts that look up to date and stylish, but will also have staying power well beyond that of any current trend. If you have art that is becoming dated, we can also work with you to update them to be more appropriate for today as well as tomorrow.


Buy Art That You Love

You should always choose art that you love, not something that happens to have the same color scheme as your room. When you feel emotionally connected to your art, you will be happy to see it each time you pass by. You could even buy art just because it makes you smile. When art means something to you, it is so much more satisfying than pieces you buy simply to fill a space.

Frame Width

Many people assume that narrow frame mouldings are for small pictures and larger works of art should be paired with wider frame mouldings. That isn’t always the case. Wider frames can benefit smaller pieces of art by calling attention to them. The width of a frame can also be used to relate the framed art to the scale of your room or furnishings – don’t overpower a room with a frame that’s too large for the space or under-power the artwork with too petite a frame.